Tumbleweed and the promise of youth

We Begin the Tumbleweed Program!

drop in gallery Originally uploaded by a_hoss
What a fabulous morning! We met with twelve Tumbleweedprogram managers in our first FastTrac(R) New Venture session. We are going to help them expand the Drop In Gallery and the accompanying t-shirt printing businesses safely (without risk to Tumbleweed) and train the managers to train Tumbleweed youth to intern at the DIG and start their own ventures.

One of the most exciting facets of this business is that Tumbleweed has a program for refugee youth. Many of them will not be able to stay in the United States, so the goal is to send them back to their own countries (mostly Central America) with skills to start their own businesses or create crafts that can be imported by Tumbleweed and sold at the DIG.

As usual, I feel blessed to provide some help to Tumbleweed, which helps so many others. And I’m doubly blessed because, as usual, I have the strong support of Phillip Blackerby and Ed Nusbaum, two fantastic facilitators and business counselors.

Drop-In Gallery front view

Here’s the Drop In Gallery

This is where, after the transient youth create the art, it is sold and 70% of the proceeds returned to the artists.

Cameron places the screen on the blank shirt

Here are the Tumbleweed kids in their nascent t-shirt business. This is the program OTEF is helping to launch. They have many orders coming in already.