Update on the Foundation’s Programs

by Francine Hardaway

I am so thrilled to report that, at long last, the business plan we helped the women from SEEDs write last year is about to be executed. They closed today on a coffee shop in Mesa, which was sold to them for $1.00 by someone who was tired of running it. The women will take it over, change the name (Cup o Karma) and begin to run it.

The Workforce Investment Act will provide funds to employ the women as they learn job skills. I believe this is a wonderful use of WIA funds, because the women will be working in their own business, and they will be very motivated.

I think Mona Lou Collery, the the Executive Director of SEEDs, is a true entrepreneur herself, because not only did she start the non-profit safe house, but she also started the business for the women.

I’m practically in tears over this. I can’t wait to help them make it a success, and Ed and Phil feel the same way. When I started this foundation, I wanted to do exactly this!!!!!

In other news, the Conference ( our major fundraiser) looks like it will be a big blow-out this year. We have more and better presenters than ever, and a wonderful committee of volunteers helping me organize, including most of our Board members.