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Summer 2017 Program

This summer, OTEF is working with SySTEM Schools to provide organizational support to its founder, Angelica Cruz, an entrepreneur who undertook the very difficult task of starting a STEM middle school for underserved students, mostly Hispanic, in the Phoenix inner city.

We have helped Angelica bring in a human resources consultant, and when the board (on which I serve) decided she should no longer be a single founder, but needed to bring on some more administrative expertise, this happened, and a board consultant was also added. The board consultant brought along a brand consultant.

This left Angelica free to do what she does best: share her vision for the school. That effort has brought us at the beginning of year four to our projected enrollment numbers (for the first time).  We are in the process of recruiting for the board, and we are also dedicated to getting our students, who come to us in 6th grade very far behind (often reading at first grade level) up to the level where they can go to college after they graduate. Out students make up 1.5-2 years for every year they spend with us.

We have a great deal more to do, but this Latina woman entrepreneur is an amazing person, and we’re proud to be serving her and her students.