One data point

The first person going through our entrepreneurship training, Jerry K., has begun his handyman business. He has now secured his second handyman job, which he uses to pay expenses that are more than his “day job” will cover. But for him, a former felon, it’s not about the money. For the first time, he sees options and opportunities. For the first time, he’s not afraid that if he gets laid off, he will not be able to pay his restitution and will get put back in prison. He feels hopeful that he will be able to support himself and live as a man.

This foundation will be making changes like these in our society one person at a time. We are teaching people to fish. To help us, please register for and attend our entrepreneurship conferences. The next one, “The Revolution in Marketing,”
is March 1, 2007 and will feature Robert Scoble, vlogger and host of “The Scoble Show” speaking on how social media will revolutionize marketing. For details and registration click here.

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