The Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation (OTEF) provides training and support to help at-risk youth and adults improve their lives by creating and growing entrepreneurial ventures.

Founded in 2005 by Francine Hardaway, Ed Nusbaum, and Rob Dunaway, OTEF is a grass roots organization supported by Arizona’s Entrepreneurial Community.  If you think funding an entrepreneurial venture can be a challenge, try starting a foundation!  So these creative founders reached out to their networks in Arizona and across the United States with a great idea, let’s raise the funds needed to serve OTEF’s mission by creating a series of  conferences by and for entrepreneurs.  Proceeds, sponsorships and donations originating from the Arizona Entrepreneurship Conferences would    support for OTEF’s programs with at-risk populations throughout the year.  And so it began…

Now in it’s fifth year, OTEF has made a difference in our community by presenting  AZEC06, The OTEF Social Media Conference, AZEC07, AZEC08, AZEC09 and AZEC10. as well as by delivering  meaningful community programs to released felons, domestic violence victims, teen-age runaways, and laid off workers.

Watch the video as OTEF Executive Director shares how OTEF got started and how she defines success.