Don’t dwell on the past. Create the future

By Joan Koerber-Walker, OTEF Chairman of the Board

As I have worked with our team to create the new OTEF Website over the last few weeks, I have been spending a lot of time looking at the past.  And there was lots to look at…

OTEF’s mission is about creating a better future for others by following the path of entrepreneurship.  While our programs during the year focus on groups that are “at-risk” – our fundraising is focused on helping the more self-sufficient members of our entrepreneurial community move forward faster too.

Our theme for AZEC10 this year in November is The Great Reset.  Our speakers will be talking about the things that entrepreneurs focus on:  access to capital, marketing, technology, innovation, and change.  All of the things that are needed to jump start a business and on a broader scale reset our economy. 

From the most successful of us to the most challenged, we all can look back to the past and see mistakes we have made, opportunities that have been missed, or projects that did not live up to their promise.  We also may be looking back on some past successes and spending too much time reveling in what has been when we could be working on what could be. 

Here at OTEF we are practicing what we preach.  This new website is part of it.  We have hit the reset.  You will find more information, new resources, recognition of the people who have helped along the way, and more.  Stay tuned, we are just getting started. 

We are helping to create the future.  It’s easy to do.  Just reach out, get involved and keep moving forward. 

The past after all is…past.

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