Culinary Works

The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center’s Entrepreneurial Center for Special Abilities partners with Arizona’s most celebrated chefs to create Culinary Works, an entrepreneurial venture to teach adults with autism spectrum disorders kitchen, marketing, sales and other entrepreneurial skills.

In 2010, OTEF teamed with SARRC  to assess the Culinary Works soup program, which produces and sells soups based on local gourmet chef recipes, to see if it could be a revenue-generator for the program as well as a training program.

The entrepreneurial Culinary Works program was already a successful training venture, but could it also make money?  If not, it wasn’t truly sustainable.

OTEF team members worked with SARRC leadership to analyse the programs current  features and explored ways that processes and procedures could be enhanced to make the program more self sufficient.

To learn more about the Culinary Works program email [email protected] or call 602.340.8717